January 2017 Reading List | What I’m Reading

I really love reading. Non-fiction is probably what I read the most. Well children’s books are actually what I read the most, but when I am reading just for me, I read a lot of non-fiction. Which is fine, but lately I wanted to go back to the realm of stories, told just for fun, or to send a message, stories that are more light-hearted and just a joy to read. Stories that teach lessons through the medium of storytelling. We will see how I do with that goal in 2017, but I wanted to at least write down some of my favorite books I am reading each month and how I liked them.


Girl in the Blue Coat – Set during WWII this story is a mystery and so thrilling. There were some twists and turns and each chapter made me want to keep reading to solve the big mystery and all the small mysteries that were within it. After reading stories about WWII and Nazi Germany I am always a little emotionally exhausted and need something a little more fun, but this book is worth reading if you enjoy history and mystery.

The Crossover – This book is something I would probably never pick up and read, but it won a Newberry and I have been trying to read a few more of those books recently. The whole time I was reading the books I just kept thinking how unique it was and how perfect it would be for boys especially. I really enjoyed the story for myself too, I love when stories can take you on a journey to see the world from a new perspective, and this one did that for me.

In Defense of Food – I have heard a lot about Michael Pollan and his books and so I finally checked this one out. I have been trying to move to real food for me and my family for a while now, but I really loved his common sense outlook and approach. Sometimes I feel like eating healthy has to be extreme or demanding, but I think he does a really good just of keeping it casual and manageable. I also really liked his Food Rules book.

French Kids Eat Everything – Another book that I wanted to read as part of trying to figure out how to feed my family healthfully. I love the way the French approach food. They seem to really understand all aspects of food, the nourishment and pleasure that food can bring, and not in a scientific way, in a very human way. I have been trying to make dinner and all of my meals slower and more intentional as a result of reading this book, and so far it has been a good change for our family.