Hi, I’m Mallory Hazel. I am Daniel’s wife and glad to be his. I am a quarter of a century old stay at home mother with one little girl who keeps me on my toes.  I feel passionate about being the best mother I can be and creating healthy lifestyle habits for myself and my family. I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am currently dreaming of becoming a graphic designer. I love reading to my little one, and recently fulfilled my goals of writing and illustrating a children’s book – Glorious.

I love Downton Abbey, Harry Potter, and This Is Us. Walking on a perfect Autumn Day is my kind of exercise. Fall is my favorite season and Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love to curl up with a good book when I have a free moment. When it comes to travel I love road trips, National Parks, Historical sights, and Disneyland.

I have many places to call home from east to west (or rather west to east). I started out in Idaho and have called Montana, Utah, Pennsylvania and Maryland home. We recently came back to my roots and have made our home in Idaho.


Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy reading and find something that brightens up your day!

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