Sarah, Mary, Elisabeth | And Me

I am doing a little Christmas Scripture Study with my closest group of girls this Christmas and have found so much inspiration from reading unique scriptures with them as we try to more fully prepare our hearts for this glorious time of year.

The other day we were reading about God’s Covenant with Abraham and I was able to read a few scripture about Sarah in Genesis. Sarah was able to conceive and bare a son to Abraham in his old age. She was really too old to conceive and have a baby, but still she did.  It was miraculous and perfect in timing, for God had a work for Abraham and Issac to do.

Then I was thinking about Mary, who was so young and “knew not a man.” Yet she was able to conceive the Savior of the world by the power of the Holy Ghost. The scriptures say “the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee.”

Mary was also given the example of Elisabeth who was barren and had conceived six months prior as an example that “with God nothing shall be impossible. ”

Sarah was too old, Mary was too young and knew not a man, Elisabeth was barren, but through the power of God and because he had a plan for the sons they would bear, all things are possible. He visited these woman, and made possible that which seems impossible in our physical and temporal world.

This season we remember the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. As we reflect on His humble beginning, we remember these woman, and their sacred role. For me it is a reminder that God is ever mindful of us, our desires, and has a perfect plan. It also prompts me to remember that with God nothing shall be impossible. He is truly a God of miracles and a God of perfect love.

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