The Winds of Change

At this moment I am sitting in Idaho, our new home. A recent change has taken us over a 1000 miles from our home in Maryland, and brought me back to my roots. Over the last five years of being married, I feel like Daniel and I have had a Chocolat kind of experience. Have you seen the movie? A women and her daughter open a chocolate shop in a little village and by so doing, change the people. Once they have fulfilled their purpose of that season in their lives, the winds blow and they move to the next village. Eventually they choose to stay in a particular French village, despite the winds blowing them to their next destination.

Since the our beginning 5 years ago we have lived in 4 states, two in the Mountain West and two on the east coast. We have never been in any home for two years. We have had a purpose in each place, and fulfilled it.

We thought we would stay in Maryland for a while. But around February I had a distinct feeling that we needed to make our way back to Idaho, and with a bit of divine guidance, we made it to our windy new home.

Each time we go outside, and the wind blows, I think about that feeling, that deep knowing that we needed to make the change, that the winds of the universe blew us to this place, to build our life here, to build our home here.

We are loving our new Idahome.


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