Christmas Wonder

Having a two year old at Christmas is magic. As a mother I loved watching her wonder of the season, it was pure magic for her.

She found joy, beauty, and amazement in the lights and decorations, she was in awe every time we turned on our Christmas tree, or she found a new ornament.

She played lovingly with our manger scene. Every day she would bring me Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. She counted the wise men. She made all the animals noises of the sheep, donkey, and cow. She gave hugs and kisses to each little figure. She lined them up in a row carefully. And she took them back to the stable where she placed them gently.

She was excited about Santa and the books and a soccer ball he would hopefully bring. She loved singing Christmas songs and reading Christmas stories.

It was so fun to open presents with her on Christmas morning and see how happy she was with all of her gifts.

Children are so pure and genuine, and having a little one during this season of wonder and magic, truly brings out the wonder and magic. I am so thankful for her example of how to live during Christmas.

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