30 Intentional Days| Photography and December Goals

I’m here to report on my first round of 30 intentional days. For the month of November I gave my best effort to taking a picture a day with my nice camera. I think I ended up missing two days over the month, oh man. I really enjoyed this challenge though. The hardest thing was having my camera around in picture worthy moments, but like I said at my half way through report, just having the challenge made me more aware of these moments and allowed me to be more present in the moment. I hope I can continue to pull out my camera and capture some of the daily moments in our life, especially during the Christmas season.

For this next month I really wanted to do something that would help me focus on the Savior, Jesus Christ, this Christmas season. Luckily The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints put out a #lighttheworld initiative and are giving daily prompts of how we can focus on the Savior for 25 days in December, leading up to Christmas so for this month I am going to do my best to accomplish that challenge with my husband.

I also wanted to do a little something else as well, so as I was pondering what to do I decided I really wanted to count my blessings more, to have more gratitude. So at the end of the night I hope to write something I am deeply thankful for. I feel like I need to more fully recognize my blessings.

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