Small Changes | I will save 5 cents, but not the environment.

When we lived in Pennsylvania I would do my grocery shopping at a little store called Bottom Dollar. It was inexpensive, perfect for our student living days. They had all sorts of tricks to make sure they could keep their cost low, including making you pay 5 cents for each plastic bag you would use. Since I was attempting to be frugal, I would gather up my reusable bags each week before I went grocery shopping and only once had to buy a 5 cent bag.

I was recently reflecting on this time of life, noticing that I was so committed to bringing my own bag, when a small cost would be incurred if I didn’t. The grocery store closed down before our time in Pennsylvania was through, so I ended up having to shop at other stores, and just like that I stopped the habit of bringing my own bags.

If my calculations are correct, I probably saved about 10 dollars in plastic bag fees by bringing my own bags, which is really not that much over a 8 month period of time, but saving that money was easy, so I did it. I wondered why I was so willing to save 5 cents in grocery bag fees but not the environment? As I thought about it that way, I realized that I needed to get my reusable bags back out and make that effort to take them on my shopping outings.

Last week after I posted my article about making small changes, my cousin texted me telling me she had recently started using produce bags as well as reusable bags in her grocery shopping. That day as I was at a local farm I noticed they had these Eco Friendly Produce bags on sale, so a grabbed a few and used they for the first time yesterday. They are awesome, and so much better than those awful plastic produce bags.


So those are my two small changes this week. They are easy to implement and only take a little brain power to remember the bags before leaving the house.

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