Small Changes | Taking Care of Our Beautiful Earth

Our planet is so incredible. I have explored its wonders in real life and now I can easily access it’s hidden beauty and treasures as I scroll through images on pinterest, or look at articles that showcase photographers who have explored places I will never go and brought back images that allow me to glimpse the incredible natural wonders of our earth.

I am starting to feel deeply how important it is that we become good stewards of our earth, that it’s beauty and magnificence is fragile. I take for granted how it is sustaining my life everyday.

It is hard to know what to do to take care of our earth. I am one person, a mom in Maryland, and I recognize that my small contribution in this world of 7.5 billion people basically adds up to nothing. Yet last night my husband and I were discussing different things we could change to in our home to lessen our impact on the earth I thought “If everyone made this change today, the world would be a better place, so I am going to make this change today.” I know my contribution is small, but I have a small contribution to make. I can either have a positive impact on this earth or a negative one. My personal actions will be a reflection of how I feel about our planet, so I can either reflect that I care or that I don’t.

And I am beginning to care deeply.


So a few weeks ago my husband and I purchased a second trash can to put things we can recycle in. Recycling in Maryland is easy, so it was something we can do, a small change we can make. When we made the change I was surprised to see just how much stuff we had each week that we could recycle. It was kind of a wake up call, all that stuff was going to the garbage previously, yikes.

I thought about a quote that regularly pops up in life from Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” As I looked deeper I found that that quote is merely a paraphrase of something profound he said:


However you want to say it, I love those words. The change in the world is going to come through individuals who change themselves. So in our household we are going to do our best to make small changes, recognizing that “If everyone made this change today the world would be a better place” so “we are going to make this change today.”

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