30 Intentional Days | A Photo A Day

It’s been 10 days of taking a picture a day. It’s been great, but it has also been hard. The hardest thing is just having my camera ready, it is big, it is hard to take places, and it is often just not around when I want it. I also feel so awkward taking pictures with a nice camera in public places. I am not sure how to get over that yet.

So it’s a little challenging, but it has also been great. One of the best things about it is it makes me think about things I would want to take pictures of, which brings me more into the moment. For example the other day my daughter was playing on her little slide in our playroom. She was going down over and over again and it was so fun to watch her excitement as she climbed up the steps and went down the slide. I thought, oh man I would love this to be my picture of the day, but going to find my camera would have ended the moment and distracted her  joy, so I just sat and enjoyed being there and thinking about wanting to take the picture really brought me into the moment.

Another day we were on a family walk and we came upon this beautiful tree. It was glowing orange in the late afternoon light and it was amazing. I thought I would love to take a picture of that today, but I didn’t have my camera with me. Still it made me appreciate the beauty even more because I was intentionally seeking beauty. The next morning, I put my daughter in her stroller and we walked back to the tree to capture it’s fleeting fall beauty.


So far I have loved this little challenge and I am excited to see where it takes me over the next few weeks.

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