Read Everyday

When I was pregnant with my little one I went to a baby shower of a friend. An older woman that was attending handed her preset to the soon to be mom. As she opened it she found a selection of classic children’s books. The older woman fervently stated that this mom to be needed to read to her child everyday because it was the best thing to do to prepare kids for school. I don’t know why but that always stuck with me.

My mom and my aunt are champions when it comes to reading with little ones. They both read out loud and are now sharing their favorite books with me. They talk about reading with kids as the best time of the day. I have fond memories of them both reading out loud to me at bedtime as I was falling asleep.

When I became a mother I took reading everyday seriously. Luckily I love children’s books, so in those early days when I was basically just reading out loud to myself with a wiggly baby, I still throughly enjoyed story time. Now with a 2 year old reading time has become not only the best time of the day, but one of my most cherished parts of the day.

I think one reason we need to read to our kids every day is because it is an intentional time to bond. When I am reading to my little one I have to put away all the distractions. I have to set aside my phone and technology, I have to stop cleaning and making grocery lists, I have to set aside anything I am doing and just sit with my little one and read. I feel like it is the only time of the day when I am purely focused on just being with my little one. We get to experience stories together. I love finding new books that we can experience for the first time together, and I love snuggling up with old favorites. I love knowing which parts will make her laugh or which pictures will draw her attention. In our home, story time is intentional time spent together. It is calm and peaceful. It slows down the world a little bit and brings me back to the reality of what is most important.

So pick up a good book and make reading with you child an important part of your day. I share some of my favorite books and library finds @readthelibrary on instagram if you need a little inspiration of what to read next.


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