Semi-Spooky Movies to Watch Halloween Night

When it comes to scary movies I am a wimp. When my husband and I were first dating we decided to rent a scary movie to watch together. I must have been trying to impress him by being brave and thinking I could sit through a scary movie and keep my cool. Well we chose The Others, and I honestly spent more that half of the movie hiding under a blanket asking if it was over.

When I was in High School my friends wanted to watch When a Stranger Calls, I had already watched it one time with friends, hello peer pressure, and I had decided never again. So when my friends put it in and started the movie I said goodbye and headed home. My parents were surprised to see me at 9:00 p.m. on a Friday night.It is just too scary!

I kind of like the thrill of a good kind of scary movie, but I just can’t take too much. Halloween night is the only night of the year we pick a movie to watch together that is a little spooky. It has become tradition in our household and I thought I would share some semi spooky movies that we have enjoyed over the years.

The Witches– This was one of the first Halloween spooky movies that we watched together as part of our tradition. We found it for free on Amazon prime, and although it is not a spectacular show (my husband doesn’t even remember it) it is perfect for someone who wanted to feel a little bit of the halloween spirit, but doesn’t want to be too scared. We also watched an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark- the old Nickelodeon T.V. show that terrified me as a child. It was kind of funny.

The Village– I could only watch this one because I had seen it before with friends in High School and I remembered it wasn’t too bad. It still freaked me out a little bit, but my husband was asking me all sorts of questions at the end because he was confused so we had to keep rewinding it to answer the questions. That made it a little less scary. Although I do remember I was nursing my newborn at the time, and she was still waking up multiple times a night so I had to sprint from my room to hers that night and that was a little unsettling.

The Sixth Sense– This movie is a little bit on the edge for me. It was almost too scary but it was also really satisfying. I’m not sure if I could watch it again, but it was definitely a good one for last year.

Tower of Terror– I have watched this movie once before, a long time ago, but I decided it would be the Halloween movie of this year (I always get to choose them). I think I will be able to make it!

Some other movies that would be perfect for Halloween include:

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken– This is a classic movie from my childhood. We would always watch it was cousins on a stormy night at the cabin we stayed at in the summer. It is spooky, but hilarious so it is perfect for anyone that just can’t handle scary movies at all.

Hocus Pocus– I think any child who lived through the 90’s remembers watching this movie on Disney channel. It is funny and scary and just a little strange. A perfect movie for Halloween!

Rear Window– This one isn’t too scary to me, but it is really good, and still a little spooky. Other Alfred Hitchcock films like The Birds or Vertigo also really good choices.

And if you are just not into scary movies, stick with It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, that one is always good!


There you go. What Halloween traditions to you have? Other than scary movies we often make chili and cornbread. With the addition of our daughter we love to dress her up and go trick or treating. We always read our favorite Halloween books. And I think this year we will make caramel apples.

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