A Good Day

Have you ever read the book A Good Day by Kevin Henkes. It starts off with a bad day, things are happening to little animals that make them sad, scared, or frustrated. But then things turn around and the problems they faced are either fixed or they gain a new perspective. In the end one of the little animals problems turns out to bring a little girl joy and she declares “What a good day!” It is a  sweet little story that I love to read with my little one.

Yesterday was a hard day. Things were happening that brought on some stress and despair in my life. I was feeling a little hopeless. Then my daughter woke up from her nap. For some reason she really loves wearing her jacket and this brand new pair of socks she just got and refuses to take them off, so even though it is quite warm she decided she needed to keep them on for her nap. She was a little sweaty, and needed a bath anyway, so I decided to forego our usual afternoon routine and just give her a bath. I was in my own world worrying about my own problems while my daughter was in the tub when she wanted me to help her put some of her tub time letters on the wall. I got down on my hands and knees and helped her place letters and name letters. I watched her “swim” in the tub and we talked about how fun it was to swim in the pool during the summer months. She sang songs to me and I helped her with the ones she couldn’t quite remember. She was loving bath time and it was fun to see her excitement. After a while I got her out and wrapped her in her towel and held her like I did when she was a baby. We went to the rocking chair and rocked, she sang more songs to me and with me, and it was just so sweet. She does not normally like to cuddle or be held like that, but for some reason she let me hold her. After a while I suggested that she get dressed and she said “mama I just want a hug.” So I gave her a big hug.

This little experience really turned my day from a hard day to a good day. I needed my daughters sensitive soul to lift me in a time of need. I realized that it was only after I set aside my own thoughts and worries and gave my whole attention to my daughter that I was able to receive this gift. It was such a good reminder to me to be in the present moment with my daughter and enjoy all that it has to offer.

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