What Do You Do All Day?

I am a mom. A stay at home mom. What do I do all day as a stay at home mother of one little two year old? Today I thought I would try to share daily life around here.

I wake up before the sun rises to have an hour or so of time just for me. I write or shower in this time. I read if I am lucky. I watch the monitor to see when my child wakes up, and when she does I give myself a few minutes to do every last thing I need to do that would be 10x harder if she were there before I go in and greet my toddler.

I discuss very important things that happened during the night with my two year old. Things like sleeping and dreaming, and being cozy in the blanket.

I make breakfast for two. Usually eggs in some form, scrambled, banana egg pancakes, fried, or if I have prepared a breakfast casserole we just enjoy a slice of that. Sometimes (every day) I take too long according to my toddler. She has to practice patience.

We both get dressed and ready for the day. I put on my make-up while my daughter plays, then we get her dressed and ready.

We almost always have a morning outing to the library, grocery store, or just on a walk to a playground. It takes a long time to get out the door. I have to practice patience. Sometimes I have to break out my acting skills and pretend like I am going to leave without my daughter.

I make lunch for two. We eat. It feels like meal times take forever. I have to practice patience.

I read 3 stories before a nap. I do my best not to pick the three shortest stories on our shelves, but some days that is all I can do.

I clean, read, write, create, or occasionally if I am so so tired I take a power nap.

I have another very interesting conversation with my toddler about nap time. She often describes how she sleeps in a crib and a bed.

I try to get a little learning in. Right now we are working on learning letters. We usually  enjoy some play time after we are done until daddy get home.

Daddy get home and it is the best.

I make dinner, serve dinner, and we eat as a family.

Usually we have a little family time together to go on a walk or play.

I bathe my daughter and get her ready for bed.

I follow our bedtime routine and kiss her goodnight.

I made it.

As I write all this down it doesn’t seem like much, but there is so much lifting, guiding and helping when it comes to little ones. I have to practice patience all the time. It is an absolutely exhausting job.

But as I rest my head on the pillow each night and talk to my husband about the day, we reflect on all that our daughter is learning, the things she did that made us laugh or made us proud, the growth she has achieved recently, and it is the sweetest joy to know we are a part of that.

So I end my day content in my bed with joys of motherhood filling my soul.


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