Creative Childhood

I have such fond memories of childhood. I think so much of the beauty of my childhood came because of the small a simple things my parents did for me, they helped to create my childhood.

For instance in the fall I remember when the leaves would come down my mom would help me rake the leaves into a “floor plan” in the backyard so I could play house. One square would be a living room another the kitchen, bedrooms, garage, etc. I would drive a car we had into the garage and play in this house to my hearts content.

Another fond memory was the time spent making potions out in our backyard. My mom would read Harry Potter to us at night and the next morning I would be filling up buckets with mud, rocks, grass, leaves, and probably some of her flowers. It was so imaginative and fun.

I feel like so many of my simple but amazing memories came because my parents gave me tools that enabled me to have imaginative play. Whether it be the books they read, or the time they spent helping me build something, the things they did for me helped to create an environment that I could explore, learn and grow in.

I feel like it is so important as a mother to get down on my child’s level and teach her how to build or use different toys. It is important to read to her. It is important to get outside and explore with her. It is important to fully invest in my child for a moment, and then leave her to her own imaginary play, using the new ideas she has learned.

It makes my heart so happy to watch my child playing across the room with something and note that she is using her experiences with me to play with her toys. I love when she sings songs or tells stories to her animals that we sang together or read together earlier in the day (or week).

One of the intentions of my parenting is to create an environment that fosters learning so my child can use that knowledge to build her own beautiful childhood.

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