Gratitude and My Testimony

This past Monday my husband drove me to the hospital to have a minor surgery. I have been experiencing some pain for quite a few months now and the surgery was going to explore a possible cause of the pain.

As we drove my heart was filled with gratitude. At times of trial in my life I often have an increased recognition of the love of others for me. It was so tender to feel the prayers and hears words of love from my closest family members and trusted friends. The gratitude for this experience was overwhelming, and I feel deeply that I need to write about this experience for myself presently and in the future, for my little family, and for all those who have trials. I need to express my gratitude for my dear family members and to my Heavenly Father.

One of the closest relationships in my life is with my best cousin and my amazing aunt. They are both close confidants and I feel so loved by them. I am so thankful to be able to share my life and challenges with them. They were both aware of my upcoming surgery but I was going to text them Sunday night to ask them to keep me in their prayers. By mid-day on Sunday I had received two separate text messages from each of them sharing their love for me and telling me they would keep me in their prayers. This small action touched my heart.

On Sunday we asked our home teacher to come over later that night to assist my husband in giving me a priesthood blessing. My heart was filled with gratitude knowing that he was willing to give up some of his precious time and to drive to our home to bless me. This act of service meant so much to me.

The day of the surgery both my mother and father texted me sweet messages filled with their love for me and their testimony that Heavenly Father would be watching over me. Their support through the weeks prior and prayers of faith along with their love and testimony brought me so much peace.

My sweet daughter is a ray of joy in the daily struggles of life. Her life is a miracle to me and reminds me that miracles are possible. She has a sweet spirit about her, and when she came to visit me in the hospital I asked her to sing “I am a Child of God” to me. She sings this beautiful primary song with such purity and it reminded me of my special relationship with Heavenly Father.

My husband has been my trusted companion through everything. I do not think he knew what he was getting himself into when he married me, but I am so thankful for his daily support and the priesthood he worthily holds. I am thankful for his powerful blessing that gave me an added measure of peace. I am thankful for his care for me and our daughter as I heal and recover.

These are my people, the people I can count on to love me and help me through the trials of life. I am so thankful Heavenly Father sent me these people to see me through.

I also need to write about how thankful I am to know my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ are there for me. The process of finding healing has been slow and the physical pain has been accompanied by emotional and mental challenges as well. It has been hard, and the healing is not complete. As of now I do not really know what the future holds, but through it all I have come to have increased faith in my Savior Jesus Christ. I know he is the master healer. He has brought me peace and comfort in times of need. He has given me added strength when I had to endure. I have felt His spirit as I have studied the scriptures, prayed and fasted.

It is interesting because this trial in my life has been pretty small in the grand scheme of things. Despite that fact, it has still been challenging for me individually and I have learned that God cares about me individually and he will help me with my difficult path.

This trial, although long and hard and not completely over, has been a blessing. I have felt my Saviors love for me. I have felt the love of those around me. I have the opportunity to exercise faith. I have even felt joy because of Jesus Christ. I know he is the way to peace and happiness.

I love learning about Jesus Christ. I just wanted to share three resources that have all helped me develop a more personal relationship with my Savior. First the Book of Mormon. It is truly another testament of Jesus Christ. Second talks from General Conference. Prophets and apostles really do testify of Jesus Christ today. And finally the book Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmage. This book truly changed the way I viewed my relationship with the Savior and has blessed my life.

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