Teaching My Toddler | Fall

We’ve been working on doing a letter a week with the alphabet and have gotten into a pretty good rhythm with it. I usually spend about 10-30 minutes for three days during the week to learn each letter of the alphabet and do the various activities. So I thought I would switch things up a little and add another lesson on something other than letter. It is officially fall outside so I had a few fall stories checked out from the library and thought I could create a little lesson about my favorite season, Fall!


Fall Booklist


Too Many Pumpkins by Linda White-This book is a new favorite at our house. I love reading it to my daughter, and I think she will grow to love it more and more as she grows. The illustrations are perfect and my daughter loves seeing all the pumpkins.

Pumpkin Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington-This is a new favorite for me too. I love how simple the story is and how gorgeous the illustrations are. It is perfect for young readers but is captivating as well.

The Very Best Pumpkin by Mark Kimball Mouton-The story is very cute but I really love the unique illustration in this book. It reminds me of the calendars my mom use to have in our kitchen each year.

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell-I like that this book includes both apples and pumpkins, two of my favorite things during this season. It is a simple and fun little book about taking a trip to the farm.

Leaves by David Ezra Stein-This is a story about a bears first fall, and he is not sure what to think when all the leaves start coming down. We read this story with the activities we did about fall leaves.

Applesauce Season by Eden Ross Lipson-Fall is applesauce season, so this is a great book to have. Maybe making applesauce in the fall can become a family tradition in your family.

Fall Printable


For this printable I just drew some different fall leaves and printed them out for my daughter to color. You can download the printable here. She is two, so the coloring is pretty wild. I decided to try to help her out by only giving her markers that were the color of Fall leaves. Although she didn’t stay in the lines, or notice that the leaves were different at all, I loved watching her use all the colors on this page.

Fall Activities


I wanted to take my daughter out on a walk this week to pick up fall leaves and crunch them on the sidewalks, but it has been raining all week long. During nap time I decided I would just draw a quick tree trunk, cut out leaves from red, orange, and yellow paper, and just let her glue them on, creating her own tree. It was so simple but she loved it. Next week we will have to take a walk crunching through the fall leaves! We are also planning on going to a pumpkin patch in mid October so I hope all the books we have been reading will spark her excitement when we get to go pick out our own pumpkins!

We also learned a new song this week called It’s Autumntime. It was fun to add some music to our lessons and I loved watching my daughter sing “It’s autumn time, it’s autumn time over and over again!

Are there any great Fall themed books that I am missing?

This Thursday I will be posting about how our week with The Letter B went!

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