Today we got to take a trip to the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. The building is absolutely amazing. It is grand with stunning architecture and beautiful stained glass windows. Inside an out, it was truly amazing.


When we first arrived and were walking up the stairs from the parking garage we were able to look up and see the beauty of the building. As we were walking along the sidewalk I heard my daughter say “Look at that!” I turned around expecting her to be point at the building, but she was examining an acorn that had fallen from a tree. Over and over again she repeated enthusiastically, “Look at that.”

It was really something, this small acorn was so amazing to her and she wanted to share the wonder she felt from looking at it with us.

Having a child can change our perspective on so many things. The building was incredible, but truly so was the acorn. Both building and acorn were able to create wonder and awe for us. It reminded me to seek not only the obvious wonders of this world, but also the simple and beautiful wonders as well.

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