Beautiful. Glorious. Heavenly. Marvelous. Wonderful, Wonderful Day!

I love Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. I remember getting the VHS for it probably when I turned eight or nine. I got the dvd when I turned 25. It is one of my favorites.

Yesterday I let my daughter climb in the stroller and we went for a walk in our neighborhood. Fall is the best season for going on walks and it was so peaceful and cool as I pushed her. We recently found a new path to take to a nearby col-de-sac that is pretty magical. We have seen bunnies and squirrels, the view is fantastic and it is quiet. Yesterday as we made it to this place I noticed the birds were singing to each other. One would tweet a melody and the other would reply. It was gorgeous. The squirrels were running around chasing each other playfully. There was a cat out walking around and a dog barking from the window, which my daughter loved. It was shaded and leaves are just beginning to fall slowly. It was so peaceful, there were no distractions and I was just filled with how beautiful our world is.


For the past few nights my daughter has noticed when the sun is setting. She will call out “look at that sunset” and we will all gather around the window and watch as pretty pinks and oranges fill the sky and the sun goes down. It is such a simple thing that happens each day, but it is beautiful and glorious.

These two events, although only short moments in our day, have reminded me how important it is to set aside all distractions and momentarily immerse in nature each day.


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