I Love You Too Mama

As a mother I have noticed that little things my daughter has learned have brought immense amounts of joy to my life. As she grasps new concepts I am proud. When she learns new words I get excited. And when she starts to string together the new words she has learned it makes my heart happy.

For a few months we have been trying to help her to learn to say I love you. She would repeat it when we said it, which we thought was adorable. A few weeks ago we started having her repeat it before bed. My husband would tell her he loved her and I would whisper in her ear “I love you too dada.” She would repeat it and we would all smile and enjoy this new phrase. A week or two ago we were thrilled when my husband said “I love you,” and my daughter replied “I love you too dada” without any prompting. She can also say “I love you too mama.”

At the end of the day full of joy and some hard things, hearing her say “I love you too mama” really tugs at my heart. It fills my bucket and makes me want to hold on to this little two year old forever.

The glorious moments of motherhood are often found at the end of a day, cuddled close together, reading stories, and vocalizing love for each other.

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