Adventure – 8 Minute Memoir

My life has become much more of an adventure than I ever expected. Growing up in Idaho with both parents and grandparents and lots of other family all within the surrounding areas, I kind of always expected to just do the same thing. I never really thought of living anywhere else, especially building my own life somewhere else. (Although to be honest I don’t really remember thinking too much about where I would build a life).

When I went to college and married, my husband and I began to make some big decisions that would take us across the country. On our way to graduate school we planned a big six week adventure through 23 states. It was fun to see the United States. We lived in Pittsburgh for two years which was one of our greatest adventures in a city we grew to love. Now we live on the east coast in Maryland, another adventure.

As I look forward in my life I think we have a few more adventures in store. Maybe our next adventure will take us closer to the homeland of our childhood. But in my life, the unexpected has happened a lot, so who knows what future adventures await.

I am thankful that my life is one where adventure is ever present.

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