Growing up my family did not camp a whole lot. I do remember one occasion we packed up the car, went to the woods, slept in the car and drove home. I think that was the extent of our camping. I also remember camping in the backyard a few times. We loved doing things outdoors, just not camping.

When I married a man that had a family tradition of camping for up to two weeks at a time in the summer months, you better believe I would go on some camping trips. The first summer we were married we headed to the woods one weekend for a pretty unsuccessful but beautiful camping trip. We were underprepared, especially in the food department, but we survived. We went on a camping trip the next summer that was really enjoyable. Then we stopped camping.

Well two weeks ago we were out hiking and saw that there was some campsites near the trail. It was close to home and we decided, why not pull out our tents and give it a try. It was the first time taking our two year old camping and we weren’t sure how it would go, but it was just an overnight trip. It ended up being so much fun. Our two year old loved the freedom of just playing in the dirt. She also loved the fires, eating outside, fires, hiking, picking up sticks, and the fires. We loved singing songs and telling her stories around the fire, playing uno in the tent, and watching her discover new things.


I would not say I am a camper, but this weekend might have converted me. It was so peaceful. We loved getting away from daily life, setting aside all obligations, forgetting about time, and just being together. Life is so fast, we always seem to being moving from one thing to the next, it is good, but slowing down at the end of a busy week was just glorious.


I think I need to slow down a little bit more in life. I need to set aside distractions and be more in the present moment. It can be challenging, but I have been really trying to do it recently, and it is amazing what a huge difference it makes.

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