What is Truth

Last night my husband read an article online. It was about something he is somewhat of an expert in and he was pretty frustrated when I got home because it was completely false. To someone who had some knowledge about the subject, it was clear that the author just made a lot of things up. To someone who did not know about the subject, well they could end up believing that everything is true.

I don’t think this article is the only article out there that could end with the phrase “and I just made that up and framed it as truth.” It is a beautiful thing that we can share our words so easily with the world, it is not so great that we don’t have to be informed or truthful in our sharing.

This got me thinking, what is truth? I am a seeker or truth, and I read a lot of things to try to help me to come to truth. But with so much information out there how do we know what is truth. There are plenty of people who will say anything to make money, or incite an audience, and yet truth still exists.

So I have been thinking what are my truths. What can I know and rely on?

I find truth in nature. The rivers and trees, lakes and mountains that have been around for hundreds of years, the sunrises and sunsets- nature holds truth.

I find truth in the happiness and excitement of a newly married couple. In their hope there is truth.

I find truth in holding a newborn baby. A little person fresh from heaven holds many truths.

I find truth in a family activity where technology is put away and the family is just being together, laughing, enjoying, playing, learning.

I find truth in my religious beliefs and the scriptures. The ultimate source of all truth.

Sometimes I worry for my little one. I feel like I need to build a foundation for her so that she will be able to discern truth from error, and in this world it is more important than ever. I want her to be able to use her mind and her spirit to recognize what is true and to have the courage it will take to stand fast in her knowledge. I think in the world we live in today it takes a very strong person to believe in something. I hope I can help her build that strength and that she will be able to find truth.


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