I Don’t Remember

I don’t remember, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this phrase was the experience I had getting my wisdom teeth out after my Freshman year of college. I was home for the summer and it was time to get my wisdom teeth pulled. The X-Rays showed teeth that were growing at strange angles and my oral surgeon offered to put me under for the operation if I wanted to take that route. Knowing it was going to be a difficult task to extract these back teeth I decided that I wouldn’t mind one bit if I wasn’t fully present.

I went into the office the day of my appointment and they took me back into a room to get all set up. I was a bit nervous but the staff was friendly. Finally the doctor entered the room and started asking me about my summer plans. I was telling him about a vacation we were going on soon while he was pricking me with some drugs. I was happily saying how excited I was to be off on our trip one minute and the next I was being awoken and pulled out of the chair, wisdom toothless.

I don’t remember getting drowsy. I imagine the staff in the room, listening to me talk and mid-sentence me going under and them saying she’s gone.

It is strange to not remember a transitional period from awake to not. It is strange to wake up and not remember an hour of life, for it to be just lost.

As much as I try to remember, I just don’t remember.

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