I Remember When

I remember when I was a child. Looking back life seemed so simple and full of joy.

I remember my days in elementary school were full of learning and growth, I find myself a little jealous of all who get to go back to school. I remember when we would buy new school clothes and new school supplies. I loved running my hand over my clothes, waiting for that first day when I would finally be able to wear them, picking out the perfect outfit for day one. I organized my backpack and school supplies over and over, taking each thing out and putting it back in, excited about the fresh tools that would soon fill my desk.

I remember when I would get home and have free play in our beautiful backyard. In the spring and summer I loved making potions in the mud, playing crochet, swinging, biking, climbing trees, running through sprinklers. In the fall it was the best to create huge leaf piles and jump in over and over, or build leaf houses by raking the trees into a house floor plan. In the winter we would build snowmen and be pulled around our backyard in the sled.

I remember laying on the ground at night in a siblings room while my mom read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban out loud. I remember being tucked in and falling asleep thinking my room was the shape of Utah.

I remember a lovely childhood, I hope I can give my daughter the same.

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