How Many Books Is Too Many?

I love the library. My daughter is always talking about going to the library and we go at least twice a week for story time and to check out new books. She loves for me to read to her and I love reading to her just as much or more. I love picking up new books at the library to read together and have always had a self created limit of no more than 30 books out at a time.

That hasn’t worked out so well recently.

I have found a few amazing books at the library that I love to read out loud and that my daughter loves to listen to, those have stayed in our home and been renewed time and again. Then there are the stories that are fun for this season, I can’t quite take them back yet. Finally a good variety of new stories, some are good, and some we take back immediately to make room for new books.


When I looked at my library account last  night I realized I have 40 books checked out and 2 ready for pick-up with another 10 requested. So I have been wondering, how many books is too many books to have checked out from the library at any given time? What do you think?

As I was tucking my daughter into bed last night and explaining how we need to sleep so we can have energy for the new day, I asked her what she would like to do when she woke up. Her answer was “library.” So I think we will be back today, and I don’t mind, hopefully the librarians don’t mind either.

If you need any children’s book ideas you can check out my instagram where I post the books we get from the library and love!

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