Goodbye Sweet Summer

Labor Day always seems to close the summer months. We play and hike and enjoy the outdoors one more time before the cool fall air settles around us and we start to layer on jackets and boots for our outdoor adventures. As I have been outside the last few nights I could feel the change. Every part of me loves autumn, but I am always a little sad to see summer go.

We don’t have anyone in school in our home, so not much has changed, but as we hiked on labor day and as I thought back over our summer adventures, I could not believe how quickly this summer flew by. I feel like it was just memorial day and we were ushering in the warm weather, headed to the pool for the first time, not the last. We were excited about the warmth, not tired of it. We were looking forward to the summer vacations we had planned, now we are looking back on pictures and memories.


The seasons are changing and it reminds me how time continually moves forward and our lives continually change too. I am excited about fall and winter, there are holidays, birthdays, and special occasions to enjoy, but right now, I want to live more fully in the present moment, all those things will come with time, but today is also a wonderful day to enjoy.

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