Early Morning Light

This morning when I first woke up, it was dark outside. As I watch out my window I realize most people are probably still sleeping soundly, or maybe hitting the snooze button a few times. As time passes I notice a few early risers trickle out of their homes and into their cars, ready to begin their day. As the sun rises early morning light fills the sky. It is so peaceful, so calm. The beginning of a new day is pure and untainted.


I have not always been an early riser, but in the past few weeks I have worked to get up earlier. Before the child and the noise, before the responsibilities and the clutter, I wake and just notice the quiet. This time prepares me for the day ahead.

I look forward to entering my daughters room where we will share our first conversation of the day, usually a happy one about what we are wearing and if it rained last night.

In the early morning light I feel rejuvenated and inspired. I think to myself “I can be a great mom today, I can be healthy, I can do good.”

Today I feel gratitude for these early morning hours and the start of each new day. For the possibilities that are ahead of me.

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