Try Again

I love to take my little two year old daughter to the park. She loves the slides and swings and as she grows she is more adventurous in trying new things. Recently while we have been at the park she has been exploring new parts of the playground. This has caused some small falls and stumbles and she undertakes new challenges.

This last weekend my husband and I took her to a park and she wanted to try the big kid swings. They were really low to the ground so we sat her in one and pushed her gently. She did really great and wanted to keep coming back. On one attempt she didn’t quite have her grip ready before we began pushing her so naturally she fell out into the dirt landing on her bottom.

I was nervous she would start crying, but my mother heart was so proud and full of love for this little girl when she stood up and said “try again.” And when we put her back in the swing, she succeeded beautifully


What a beautiful lesson, “try again.” I feel like I fall out of the swing a lot! I miss the mark of perfection and do things on a daily basis that I wish I wouldn’t. There are habits I would like to break and things I try to do that end up not working out how I envisioned. I hope to remember my daughters voice when I feel defeated saying “try again.”

I am so thankful for my knowledge and testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know the way to try again and I know who made that path possible. I hope I don’t take that for granted and I use all the days of my life to continually “try again.”

2 thoughts on “Try Again

  1. What we can learn from Kennedy! When I left your home after our Hebgen summer, I rolled down the car window and said to your mom who was waving good bye, “It’s okay. I’m okay!”


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