Peach Picking

This weekend we went to a local farm/orchard to do some peach picking. There is something really wonderful about being so close to nature and seeing where our food comes from. As we were in the peach orchard I wondered how it came to be, how old were the rows and rows of trees bearing the fruit, how many delicious ripe peaches have been enjoyed because of each trees existence.

As I looked closer at each tree I noted how heavy with fruit the branches were. I was amazed at how many peaches grew on each branch. The natural beauty and colors of the peaches against the leaves was impressive.


I walked by other trees whose branches were bare, having already been picked of their fruit and pruned for the season. They did not appeared weighed down, but I knew in this next year they would again bloom and grow and fruit would burden each branch once more. The cycle of each season would continue.


I feel like we can learn so much from nature. In our lives we go through seasons. We work each day to provide and create good things for ourselves, our families, our workplace, our world. Each day we attempt growth, we try to create good. As we do we are strengthened. All of our experiences become a integral part of who we are and what we have to give.  But if we just hang on to our growth, if we don’t share it and give back to our world we become heavy with fruit that will eventually fall off and be lost. If we do share, we have the opportunity to help and serve others, to contribute to the good of this world.

As I picked peaches I was thankful for the trees planted so long ago and the strength and perseverance of each tree to continue to grow and bear fruit. These peaches will nourish my family this week. As I picked the peaches I thought about how these strong branches were relived of the some weight for this season. The peaches I picked made room for new growth and they would prepare for next year, to grow again, and as far as I know, I will be back to be nourished again.

The cycle is beautiful to me. Work, growth, strength, give, nourish. I can be part of that. I can work each day on myself and my family to grow and become a better mom, wife, sister, and friend. It will make me a stronger person. And as I give of myself to others I make room for more personal growth.


It is something I am not perfect at, but I am thankful for this gentle reminder from nature to do a little better on each stage of the cycle.

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