The Parable of the Paleo Cookie

Last night my husband and I decided to try to make a batch of Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies, paleo style. I have been wondering if I might have gluten or dairy sensitivities (which is a whole other story) so I have been trying to cut out those things for a little bit to see if it helps. To keep my family sane, and thank them for their help I decided Friday night we could whip up a little treat and try this new recipe from a paleo book I checked out from the library.

The heading of the recipe says this cookie is “the mother of all Paleo chocolate chip cookies and the closest you can get to the ones you grew up on. In fact, the reviews continue to insist that they far surpass those old cookies.” It is followed by a picture of cookies that do in fact look like the chocolate chip cookies that were in my home growing up.

So I blended, scooped, and baked the ingredients and patiently waited to see what the result would be. They smelled really good so that was promising. When I pulled them out though they didn’t look like my mothers chocolate chip cookies, or my favorite chocolate chip cookies that a friend introduced me to a few years ago. And they weren’t as perfectly pretty as the picture in the cookbook.


I let them cool and set them on a plate. They were kind of lumpy, probably from the almond flour, I’ll try sifting it next time, but they still smelled good. I beckoned my husband to come over and try them. He went first and said they were good, but I wasn’t convinced. I tried one myself and felt some disappointment in the first bite. They were not like the chocolate chip cookies I loved growing up. They were really different.


Then I had a second bite and thought, but they are good. And after my third bite I really thought they were really tasty actually, they just weren’t what I was expecting.

I think sometimes I get so caught up in my expectations of what things should be, and when they turn out differently my first response is to think it is negative. It’s when I let go of my expectations and just embrace the reality of my experiences I come to realize that maybe reality is wonderful in it’s own way, and there is good right now in the present even if my current circumstance is different than I expected.

And that my friends, is the parable of the paleo chocolate chip cookie.

One thought on “The Parable of the Paleo Cookie

  1. Makes me think of one girls decision to go to a certain college. An expectation, but then something else came along. Was it a negative? Seemed so at first, but then look what came out of it! Also, Ann Voskamp says expectations are the killers of joy and relationships! Love this parable because it is so true. We need to see the joy in what is there for us!


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