Missing Motherhood

We live in a world full of distractions, and to be quite honest I use and enjoy many of the tools of distraction. I like listening to podcasts while I am out on walks and watching a favorite TV show while folding laundry. I think it makes me feel extremely productive if I can accomplish the things I need to while learning something new from a TedTalk or feeling inspired by a speech given by a religious leader. Overall, I love having so much knowledge, wisdom, and fun at my fingertips to help me through the day. Yet with all that I can be doing I find it difficult to just sit and be. I get a little antsy during quiet times because I know I could potentially be doing something else. It is truly tempting to play with my baby while listening to something in the background, or nurse her while checking emails, but by doing these things I feel like I am missing motherhood a little bit.

I don’t necessarily think I can never participate in multiple activities that help me make it through the day and allow me some time to think about something more than my motherly duties. But I am trying to make a concerted effort towards moving back to simply being in the moment with my baby girl, especially when that is exactly what she needs me to do. Sometimes she just needs me to get on the floor with her and make block towers for a while so she can knock them down. Sometimes she needs me to hold her hand while we walk laps around the room. Sometimes she just wants me to hold her so she can look out the window. These moments are times I can connect with her, talk to her, and teach her. These are the moments I don’t want to miss. These are the moments that I want to be at peace and soak in, because time passes quickly and moments come and go.

I love the words of this poem:


I have learned that each stage of motherhood is fleeting and when we miss moments they do not return. My hope is that I will become more comfortable in being 100% mom for little moments each day. I hope I will not reach for distractions, but rather reach down to my children and give them my whole self for a time so we can share in this beautiful life we have together.

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